dandelion decor reverse canvas

Instructions follow.


Reverse Canvas with Carstock embellishement

Materials needed:

  1. Wrapped canvas (wood frame) for reverse canvas
  2. Wood stain or polyurathane stain to finish the wood frame
  3. Stapler to reassemble the canvas
  4. Sharp blade or scissors to cut the canvas
  5. Cricut Explore or similar cutting machine
  6. 2-3 sheets yellow cardstock
  7. 1-2 sheets green cardstock
  8. 1 sheet beige cardstock
  9. scrap of chipboard or cardboard
  10. 1 sheet chipboard for backing support (optional)
  11. hole punch

NOTE: The file containing the seed pod is distorted in the svg file. This is a commercial product, and I can't include the .svg file.
You can download it at https://designbundles.net/after-ten-graphics/31630-dandelions-abstract for $3.   Replace the distorted object with your purchased svg. 

  1. Prepare a reverse canvas:  Remove the canvas from the frame.  Finish the frame. Cut the canvas to fit the back.  
  2. Download the svg quote and flowers files.  
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    Flower and leaf layers for the dandelion inspirational reverse canvas

    Date 2018-03-07
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    The svg file for the quote part of the dandelion inspiration reverse canvas.  Note: You will need to replace the seed pod with a purchased one due to licensing restrictions. 
    The one I used is found here:  https://designbundles.net/after-ten-graphics/31630-dandelions-abstract

    Date 2018-03-07
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  3. In Design Space: Resize to fit your canvas! I used a 9.5 inch max width/height to fit a 12 inch reverse canvas
  4. Flowers:  ungroup. 
  5. Attach the numbers to the respective flower layers. 
    Words/seed-pod: weld everything together. 
    YOU MAY NEED TO SLICE OUT some of the cutout spaces in the smaller letters. Use a circle shape and resize/reshape to do this.

  6.  MIRROR the iron-on/HTV before cutting
  7. Check your cut settings. Rearrange on the cutting canvas to save space (optional, saves paper)
  8. Cut 3 flowers/leaf sets
  9. With a hole punch make 21 circles from cardboard/chipboard to use as spacers between blossom layers
  10. Glue the layers together in number order, numbers face down, with the hole-punch circles between them. Fluff out after the glue dries
  11. Curl and glue the stamens to the yellow circle. Glue to top of flower
  12. Slightly bend the leaves lengthwise. You can draw veins if you like.  Optional. (I did not)
  13. Plan your layout and iron on the mirror printed HTV
  14. Re-assemble the canvas, stapling on the back and optionally (but recommended) placing a chipboard support at the back. 
  15. Glue on the flowers and leaves as you like
  16. Add a hanger, place on your wall, and be inspired. 

 Notes: the font used is Hey Alice (available from https://fontbundles.net/theinkaffair/42923-hey-alice-font-duo )  
The original idea and plans for this dandelion were in the instructibles article by Creativeman  found here:  https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Paper-Dandelions/  (check out his posts -- amazing projects)