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Svg file for a Disney like castle with a mouse silhouette cut out

Date 2018-02-04
Language  English
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If you try to upload an image that is very large, say a photo, Cricut Design Space (CDS) may refuse to save it.  

upload save error

So what if you need to make a cut inside a photograph, maybe cut the word "Love" out from the photo, but don't want to print at a low resolution.

Can this be done?  Yes, with the caveat that your cut location will be close, but not exact.  If you are trying to cut around a very specific piece of the photo and can't afford a 1/4 inch error or so, then this will not work.

But let's just go with "Love" cut from a photo.  If it is off a tiny bit, we are OK with that.  So here is what to do.