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You can download the cut file for this zinnia here.   Some construction notes:  I used pink cardstock and used a bleach and water solution to fade out the petals outside area. NOTE: some papers do not bleach well. Test yours. You can also just use an acrylic paint in a much lighter color than your petals.  Or leave them solid.  Before assembling, I used ball tools to cup and curl the petals .  The last layer or two (the largest petals) were cupped to bend downward.  I also bent the two largest sets (medium large and large) at the edges with a bamboo skewer to add interest.  This was the same technique that Leo showed in his "Gorgeous Gardenias" on Dreaming Tree ( 3dsvg.com )  --check them out if you have not yet done so.  There are some terrific designs there.

Shaping and bending the petals is the most time consuming part of this.  To assemble, place the dark stamens on wire first, the yellow "split" stamens around them. then layer the petals, staggered, in size smallest to largest. Add the sepal and use florist tape to add the leaves.    

Date 2018-05-29
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This aster was inspired by having done some projects over at Dreaming Tree (check out the wonderful designs there: 3dsvg.com )  I wanted to try my hand at designing some additional flowers, and to share them. 

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Here's the file.  (inspired by having done some of the Dreaming Tree floral arrangements.  Check them out!)

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alstroemeria closeup


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Svg file for a Disney like castle with a mouse silhouette cut out

Date 2018-02-04
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