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Who Am I?

Even I am still trying to figure that out... meanwhile you can find out a little more here....

In a nutshell, I'm an observant Jewish woman convert who also enjoys hiking, cooking and computer stuff. I wrote a book and like to share ideas I write now in my journal. Much of that follows below. If you would like to send me email, my email address is: -

The OU has a piece about me on this page that tells much of my story. The book goes into more detail.

Oh...in case your are looking for them... here are my challah recipes.

My Journal"I believe with perfect faith..."
...and when the edges of "perfect" seem to get worn?
An exploration of faith, doubt and ultimate realities. [more...]
My JournalChronicles my journey into Christianity, and abandoning it in favor of Judaism. Be forewarned there are some very direct Christian pieces in here. [more...]

Embracing the Ineffable There is a place to which our souls can fly, where words fail, definitions cease and comprehension is an act of intimacy.... [more...]
River of Life It is not the river of life which carries us
Upon undulating waters,
Above time-worn stones.... [more...]
GODLIGHTA correspondent asked how I dealt with more profound theological issues when I left Christianity for Judaism.... [more...]
My Book This past Shabbos while davening, I had a fascinating excursion about the Oneness of God, both filling and surrounding, how we are apart, but not apart. [more...]
Quantum ChoiceIf we look at the possibility that the physical principle of uncertainty is tied to human free choice, we will eventually be forced to understand that it is the spiritual capacity to choose which allows us to act upon the principle...[more...]
My Book What is freedom? Is the seed of the tree free? .. Tiny traveler in a big world... unbound and untouched by the limitations of gravity, unsullied by the soil beneath --are you really so free? [more...]
My BookI wrote this book with my co-author, David Kaufmann, as an "online" conversation and me about my spiritual journey. Read more about the book here. [more...]
Infinite...All reality is built not on certainty, but on probabilities. What is known limits the known. What is the nature of what is real? [more...]
GODLIGHTDo we really see light? Perhaps we can learn from it what it means to perceive God. [more...]
Journeys with the Baal Shem TovI took a journey that day as a stoway on the wagon of the Baal Shem Tov. What I experienced that day, and during the night. [more...]
Reflection on ChassidusReflections on the surface can be beautiful, but so much more is found beneath.. [more...]
Deeper WatersTorah, like water, nourishes our lives on different level. [more...]
HIGHER THAN THE MOUNTAIN TOPWe are taught that love and fear of G-d are the wings of the soul, with the power to fly to the heights of Kedushah.

Can we not just grow our wings and take off? Why climb the mountain at all? [more...]
Raindrops: How to achieve your divine taskSelf-sacrifice, a giving up of self: The "waves" and influence reach far beyond me. The energy and power that were granted to me are released only when "I" am no longer bound up in "me" [more...]
The Perfect SnowflakeIf only the perfect of the snowflakes fell, we would likely not even notice. [more...]
Windows in the nightWe can't really see the light from our efforts in mitzvot right now because of the veil that covers it, but when Moshiach is here, we will see the light of the efforts we have made. [more...]
Following feelings to falsehoodEven though I I had decided to become Jewish, I ended up --for a time -- becoming a fundamentalist Christian instead. A letter to an unmet sister explains what happened. [more...]
My CyberstoryHow internet played a role in my decision to become observant.
Reform or Orthodox: A subject close to home. I've had to deal with the issues first hand and up-front personally. This is a part of an email exchange. [more...]
Considerations You want to be Jewish?? Think about this ... from my email correspondence [more...]
The Sermon I delivered when I was still a member of the Reform synagogue and was helping lead services one Friday night. [more...]
Questions Things that need to be asked when converting to Judaism Conversion to Judaism is not like joining a club. It is a commitment of cosmic proportions. [more...]
Challah Workshop While still at the Reform Synagogue, I held a challah workshop. This is the workshop guide and recipe. [more...]
Why I Chose to be Jewish I could have walked away from Judaism, having found out my conversion 18 years before was not kosher. Why didn't I? [more...]
Jewish Passion Being Jewish gives us special insights into how special our relationship with God can be. My thoughts on the topic. [more...]
Orthodox: The Only Way? Is it really so extreme to say that only the Orthodox path is authentic and true?  [more...]
Personal Redemptions How does a convert look at Passover? Were we there when Israel left Egypt? . [more...]
Home What it meant to me to go through the conversion process, having accepted that my fist conversion was not kosher [more...]
Home Is God really hiding from us? Or are we looking at our reflections rather than His? [more...]

Email: Shoshana(AT)zakar.com

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