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Jewish Passion

For centuries the Jewish people have remained true to their dream, their hope, and most of all, their passion for God.

Faced with persecutions, pogroms, antisemitism and even holocausts, we have not abandoned our identity, nor our special relationship with our Creator.

Passion does not need to be shouted from rooftops. Passion does not require that the whole world understand the relationship -- nor share in it. Passion is a bond of the heart of one to another. An eternal embrace which even death cannot sever.

A Jew's soul is bound with its Creator. To damage our connection with God is to damage ourselves. To betray our loyalty to the One by following idols, false gods or men who would deify themselves, is to destroy the light within our own souls.

A Jew's passion for God is born in the recognition that we are eternally bound to Him, by the covenant of Torah, by the bond of our souls, by His promise to us.

The Jewish dream is a world of peace. The Jewish ideal is a world that knows holiness.

The Jewish Passion is for God.









9.11. 2001