Mirrored Lives


There are times when G-d seems to hide His face from us. We look up and see -- nothing! Sometimes it triggers a crisis of faith: “Do I believe? Is G-d real?”

But look more closely: Is it really that G-d has hidden Himself? Or have we, in fact, pulled down the curtain over the window? Have we, thinking that we could hide a great or small “indiscretion” from our Creator, attempted to draw a blind to keep Him from seeing? Surely we would never do such things in the presence of even lowly humans. We must think that G-d is not seeing us or why -- HOW -- could we behave in this way?!

It is in truth a one-way mirror that we put between ourselves and G-d. We look , and we see our own selfish needs and wants, our reflection in the mirror! But nothing is hidden from G-d. He looks through the glass as if it is nothing. It is only we who are deceived by our own egos and desires. Realizing this is the key to freeing ourselves from imprisonment in our room of mirrors.

When we are ready to shatter the barriers we build between G-d and us, we will see G-d’s face once again. But while we are content to stare at ourselves, G-d remains hidden.

There are times when it is not us, but G-d, who sets the mirror between us and Him. When we as a people turn away from Torah and Mitzvos, sometimes we become numb to the effects it is having on us. Then G-d sets a mirror down and in this we see our souls and the dismal state to which they have descended. The confrontation of this truth is an opportunity for Teshuvah --- and redemption.

There is another thing about one-way mirrors: They are effective only when there is more light on the reflective side. When we insist on shining our own light, our own egos, we see only ourselves. But when we turn down that light through bittul, then we are able to see the Holiness shining on the other side.

Shoshana Zakar
Purim 5759

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