Quantum Choice

If we look at the possibility that the physical principle of uncertainty is tied to human free choice, we will eventually be forced to understand that it is the spiritual capacity to choose which allows us to act upon the principle, and not that we are acted upon by it. In fact, were the uncertainly principle to be the final say, we would still be forced to conclude that we live in a deterministic universe, but simply an unknowable one.

Acknowledge the existence of a soul, that most human part of us that has the capacity to choose, and an extraordinary picture begins to come into focus..

Unpredicatability and uncertainty rage around our cosmos, but the human being, through choice, has the capacity to introduce order, to affect what would otherwise be. We have the capacity to affect the cosmos. The sages write that one deed can tip the balance of the world between good and evil. We make a choice. We change what might otherwise have been. We cause what was uncertain to become certain. Yes we affect it at a macro level, but macro is ultimately a collection of the quantum. We have brought a change, whose scope of effect we cannot know. We choose. The world changes.

I suspect that uncertainty was not built into our world to make it impossible to live ordered lives, but rather, precisely so that we might choose to do so.

And if the choices are in harmony with the Will of the Creator, perhaps the waves --harmonies of the uncertainty -- are changed into a song of perfection.