As I was walking to shul today, it was raining just a bit. I noticed the waves that the drops of rain were making in the puddles on the street.

I pictured a single raindrop splashing down on the surface of a big pond. One raindrop sacrificing itself, but in the process, making many waves reaching far beyond its tiny size.

Is it like that for us? While "I" remain "me", bundled up in my own little drop of self, I cannot really do much to affect the world around me - to achieve the tasks that G-d expects of me.

But with mesiras nefesh, self-sacrifice, a giving up of self, the "waves" and influence reach far beyond me. The energy and power that were granted to me are released only when "I" am no longer bound up in "me".

--Shoshana Zakar 1998--

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photo credit for high speed photography water drop: http://www.isc.rit.edu/~andpph/