I was just putting some Shabbos food out on the deck to cool. It's snowing. Did you ever notice snow? Catch some on your sleeve and really look.

There are a few perfect snowflakes, six-sides, in ordered symetry and delicately laced. Each is the ideal. Each what we picture -maybe expect- a snowflake to "be": Perfect, beautiful, complete.

But most of the snowflakes aren't perfect at all. Some are broken some misshapen. Yet I never saw a snowflake bothered by it. Each imperfect bit of glittered ice still goes about its task. Falling, covering its tiny space. Doing what snowflakes are ordained by G-d to do.

And I never saw a snowflake worry or fret that it couldn't cover the whole field itself. Even the most perfect know that they cannot blanket the world alone.

In fact, if only the perfect of the snowflakes fell, we would likely not even notice... But it is all, the perfect and the imperfect, the beautiful and the unappreciated, that together accomplish the task. Each unconcerned with what they cannot be or do, and just doing that which is for them to do. And slowly and together, they cover it all: A blanket of white purity, imperfections inconsequential, it is all beautiful.


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