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Shoshana "Sue" Zakar

Who Am I?

I'm 53 years old mother of two grown children, who has at one time or other been a bank-teller, linguist, a systems analyst, a Cub Scout and Brownie leader, an Odyssey of the Mind Coach, a Hebrew school teacher, a substitute teacher, and now author and web designer. I was raised in Washington state, and now live in Baltimore, Maryland.

I do public speaking on occasion for groups large and small, mostly about my personal journey.

I welcome emails. You can email me at  -

My Technology

I bought my first computer in 1978 -- a 16-K Apple II. I met my husband when my Apple II radiated my name (I was working on a program) into channel 10 on his TV and he came up from the apartment below me to find out what was up. And I became Orthodox after questions I posed on the internet led me to re-examine my relationship to God. Technology has its benefits!

I now do commercial web page design and have my own business, SMZ Web Services, Inc. I use Macromedia (now Adobe) Dreamweaver and Fireworks to do most of the page building, php and mySQL for applications.

My Time

When I'm not spending my time on the computer, I like to swim, exercise, and take classes on Jewish topics. I read when I find time-- especially books about Jewish thought, cosmology and quantum theory.

...and I cook: Shabbos we always have homemade chicken soup and homemade challah. And cholent for lunch ... of course! You'll find the recipes below.

I enjoy hiking, nature, mountains and seasides, and family celebrations. If only there were more time.
You can find photos, a hiking guide and other such things on www.zakar.com.

Maybe the reason some of us are always searching for the more perfect mountain of truth is because it justifies our never needing to make the commitment to climb the one in front of us.

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